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Asset Search Private Investigator Raleigh NC

The Who, The Why And The What Of Asset Search Investigations

Private Investigators specialize in many tasks but one important service that they provide for the general public and business community is Asset Search Investigations. Not the common phrase mentioned while communing around the water fountain at work, an Asset Search Investigation can be an invaluable tool when involved in serious court proceedings. They can literally change the necessity of going to court and can have a drastic impact on the outcome of the judgement.

If you're preparing for court for any number of legal matters, it would behoove you to consider the option of having an Asset Search Investigation performed. You will thank us later!

Asset Search

What is a Asset Search Investigation?


An Asset Investigation is the locating of public records that confirm the ownership of personal property, revenue, cash or real estate held by a person or corporate entity.  Hidden Assets are often involved in family Law matters.



What Are The Reasons Individuals Hide Assets?


  • Prenuptial Agreement – Before these agreements are signed and individual will hide assets so their new spouse will be unaware of them and sign over a property interest unknowingly.

  • Divorce & Separation – Before these proceedings start, a spouse may hide assets so the soon to be ex does not get a fair share when appearing before a judge.

  • Bankruptcy Filing – Not listing all assets is a strategy to retain as much as possible when claiming financial ruin.

  • Business Judgements – Business partners hide assets so they will not be a part of a lost judgement and awarded to the plaintiff.

  • Child Support & Alimony – Hiding assets are a common practice when a parent or ex is trying to avoid full financial responsibility when monthly payments are assessed.

  • Personal Injury Cases – Those found responsible in injury cases do not want additional assets considered when it’s time for a judgment to be reached in court.

  • Motor Vehicle Cases – When the defendant's insurance maximum has been reached in a motor vehicle accident settlement, assets can be awarded to supplement the difference.



What Are Some Of The Methods Individuals Use To Hide Assets?


People can be very creative when trying to hide their valuable from forfeiture. Below are a few of the common ones we’ve observed during investigations:


  • The Incognito Incorporation - Individuals will often hide their assets by creating a fake LLC or Incorporation and declare the assets are owned by the corporation.

  • The Cash Conversion - Taking cash and spending it on expensive property is a method to convert cash into another form of asset. Individuals will purchase real estate, paintings, jewelry, boats, vehicles, aircraft and other exotic collectibles. Once these purchases are made the owner can under-report its value on legal forms, tax returns or corporate documents.

  • The Future Factor - You can also hide an asset by delaying its delivery. If you haven’t received it yet then its easier to justify not claiming it. An example of this is delaying a big business contract until after a court date, postponing an expected raise or bonus, not cashing in stock options or delaying the purchase of a company until the divorce dust settles.

  • Off-Shore Secrets - Sending money to off-shore bank accounts makes assets challenging to find.

  • The Bait & Switch - People will even hide assets by putting accounts in their children's names. They create a custodial account in their kids name then withdraw the funds after a settlement is complete.

  • The Financial Friend - Individuals will create a phony debt with a friend, list the amount as a debt with the court, document the financial payments of the loan then retrieve the cash later.

  • The Storage Solution - A person may also hide their assets in a storage unit 4 hours away, out of sight of any legal eavesdroppers.

  • The Gift Giver - A cheating spouse may be buying assets for a lover such as an apartment, vehicle or providing large sums of cash.



Additional Reasons You Might Consider Hiring A P.I. For An Asset Search Investigation


  • Business Risk Analysis – If you own a business, as asset check can reveal the state of a potential new hire, business partner, business deal or merger. These checks can give a clue as to a person's financial trustworthiness.

  • Are You Owed Money – If someone owes you money, performing an asset search investigation can reveal their ability to repay or if it is worth taking them to court to recover the debt. If you desire to go to small claims court or a debt collector, then having this information will reveal how many collectible assets a person has which can be converted over to you as repayment.

  • Are You A Fraud Victim – If someone is not paying you because they fraudulently claim they do not have the money or the capacity to repay, an asset investigation can counter the fraudulent claim and reveal they have finances they simply are not reporting.



Individual Asset Searches May Reveal The Following:


  • Motor vehicle registration and liens

  • Judgments

  • Bankruptcies

  • Criminal records

  • Federal and state tax liens

  • Available mortgage information

  • Watercraft registration and liens

  • Aircraft registration and liens

  • Real estate and deeds

  • Uniform commercial code liens (UCC filings)

  • Doing Business As (DBA) filings

  • Civil records search

I Think I May Benefit From Having An Asset Search Performed On A Person Of Interest, What Should I Do?

If you suspect having an Asset Search Investigation will benefit your situation, Do Not Delay and contact us here at Investigate NC. Time is of the essence in these cases. The longer you wait to begin an investigation, the more time the other party has to move their valuables further and deeper into hiding. Contact an Asset Search Private Investigator in Raleigh NC now!!

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