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USCCA Membership

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You've taken the firearms training class and obtained your CCH permit, now take the next step by protecting yourself further with a membership to US Concealed Carry Association. This membership not only provides additional training, perks and discounts on firearms and accessories, but also offers self defense liability insurance, access to a Critical Response Team and Attorney Network in the event you are involved in a self defense shooting. 

USCCA How To Choose The Right Firearm Guide
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NRA Membership

Support the National Rifle Association as they fight to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. Included in your membership is the following:

  • 24/7 Defense of you gun rights

  • Your choice of magazine

  • Official membership card & decal

  • Savings and Special offers from trusted NRA partners

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Private Safety & Shooting Class Registration

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Private Firearms Safety & Shooting Classes

If you provide you own firearm and ammunition, private training classes are $70 for a 2 hour session. If you do not own your own firearm, we can provide one for you along with ammunition for $140 for a 2 hour session. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. All students are encouraged to bring their own hearing and eye protection along with a billed baseball cap. Cash payments will be collected at the beginning of the class. To make an online payment, please click the "Make a Payment" button below for the class of your choice. All Online Payments will have a 3% merchant services fee added to the bill amount. Please email us at to set appointments for Private Firearms Safety & Shooting Classes.

Class Fee $70
Student provides firearm & ammunition


Class Fee $150
INC provides firearm & ammunition


USCCA Firearms Training Videos*

USCCA - The 4 MUST-KNOW Firearms Safety Rules. Ignoring Them Could Be Deadly!

USCCA - Brandishing Your Firearm. What Does It Mean & How To AVOID It

USCCA - Unlock The Secret To The Perfect Grip (Tips For Ultimate Accuracy)

USCCA - Carying With One In The Chamber: Good Thing Or Bad Thing?

USCCA - What Is The 21 Foot Rule?

USCCA - The Hidden Truth About Negligent Discharges (And How To Avoid Them)

USCCA - Glovebox Gun: Yes Or No? Do You Leave Your Gun In The Glovebox?

USCCA - How To Set Up Your Gun For Home Defense

USCCA - #1 Mistake To AVOID After A Self Defense Shooting!

USCCA - Intruder Breaks Into Your Home - When Can You Legally Shoot (Ask An Attorney)

USCCA - How To Build The Best Shooting Stance For Your Handgun

USCCA - Protecting Your Home and Assets After Self-Defense - Don't Loose It All To The Intruder Who SUED You

*Investigate NC and its employees are not attorneys and we DO NOT give legal advice. The above videos are from the USCCA YouTube channel and are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please consult a licensed attorney in your state for legal advice and firearms related questions!

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