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Pre-Marital Private Investigator Raleigh NC

Investigate NC Will Service All Your Pre-Marital Investigation Needs 


We’ve all heard the phrase, “Love is Blind”; Well being blind to your potential partners past can hurt you in the long run if your not careful. The internet is fully of horror stories of victims who thought they new everything about their mate only to discover there were skeletons in their closet. After marriage these secrets sometimes come to light and can be detriments for the relationship. Having a Pre-Marital Investigation performed can save you heartache and allow you to have peace of mind as you go into this new permanent relationship.

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What is a Pre-Marital Investigation?

A Pre-Marital investigation is an in-depth background check that helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of your potential partner’s history. The purpose is to identify key components of a persons past to ensure you know the entire truth and this information can be used to confirm information told to you by your fiance’.  It includes an investigation into your partner’s past relationships, financial status, employment history, criminal records, and other pertinent information that can affect your future together. Many times the investigation is requested by the best friends, family members or parents of the bride or groom when they have concerns that “somethings just not right”. No matter who initiates the investigation, confidentiality and privacy is the top concern and we only report our findings to the person who hired us.  



What’s included in a Pre-Marital Investigation?

  • Asset Searchare there properties or possession the person has that they have not shared with you?

  • Financial History Has the person claimed bankruptcy or have multiple financial judgements against them?

  • Criminal History or Dishonorable Military DischargeHas the person ever served time in a prison or been removed from the military for dishonorable acts?

  • Family HistoryAre there family beliefs or traditions which could conflict with your current social norms?

  • Infidelity SurveillanceDoes the person disappear for hours at the time and have no reasonable excuse as to their whereabouts?

  • Social MediaDo they have more that one social media account with content which is disfavorable for a future mate or parent?

  • Prior Marriage HistoryMultiple divorces is a sign of instability in long term relationships.

  • Concealed Children From Previous RelationshipsIs there an unknown child that could cause future financial obligation to be imposes by a court or cause difficulties with the new marriage?

  • Pre-existing Medical Or Mental Health ConditionsHas the person been involuntarily committed due to a mental health issue or a medical problem which may limit their ability to work or perform certain activities?

  • Unstable Employment History Has the person moved from job to job which will lead to an unreliable financial history or credit worthiness?

  • Alcohol Or Drug Abuse HistoryDoes the person have a revious addiction which could resurface and cause problems in the future?


But I’m in love, I’m supposed to trust my partner. If I order this investigation, doesn’t that means I’m a bad person? That I don’t trust them? What will a Pre-Marital Investigation do for me?

Getting a Pre-marital Investigation performed doesn’t mean your having cold feet about your upcoming big day and it doesn’t mean you don’t trust them!  In today’s world it’s a necessary step to ensure your making a solid, safe decision and you’re ensuring your partnering with a safe, reliable person. Its better do discover any red flags before you say “I Do” and tie the knot. Having a Pre-Marital Investigation performed can assist in the following:


  • To Ensure Compatibility - determine if you and your partner are compatible in terms of values, beliefs, and lifestyle.

  • To Identify Red FlagsInformation you receive can give you things to think about as you move forward in your life planning.

  • Peace Of Mind When you see your loved one walking down the isle you will have peace of mind knowing you’ve done your due diligence in selecting the perfect partner.

  • ProtectionYou're not only protecting yourself but your also protecting your current family and future children.

  • Informed decision making – A marriage is the biggest investment decision you will even make in your life. Make this valuable decision with all the information possible.


Horror stories from victims who were taken advantage of because they did not obtain a Pre-Marital Investigation:

Why choose Investigate NC to perform your Pre-Marital Investigation?

  • Experience45 years of Law Enforcement, Security and Private Investigations experience.

  • ConfidentialityWe will not discuss your case with anyone and guarantee that in writing in our detailed Investigative Services Agreement Contract.

  • Professionalism – Our team of investigators uphold the highest standards of professionalism based on industry best practices and state mandated procedures.

  • Results We present all our finding in a detailed Final Written Report. This is a document you will have permanently for current and future reference.

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