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NC Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) Permit Training

Get The Quality Training You Need And Deserve!

This is the class required by the State of North Carolina to obtain a concealed carry handgun (CCH) permit. The structure and content of this course is mandated and established by the State; it is comprised of 8 hours of classroom instruction plus live fire qualification on the range. Upon successful completion of this class, you will receive your North Carolina CCH Permit Training Certificate, which is necessary to get your CCH Permit from the Sheriff of your county of residence. 

During the class we will cover the following State mandated topics:

  • Legal Issues

  • Handgun Safety

  • Handguns

  • Marksmanship Fundamentals

  • Carrying Concealed Safety Issues

  • Presentation Techniques

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Ammunition

  • Proficiency Drills

This will be an intense yet fun time of instruction. Interaction with the instructor is encouraged and all questions will be answered. After signing up for the class, you will receive an email with instruction and any items you may need to bring to class. After completion of this class, we stress this is only the beginning of your firearms journey and additional instruction/training is encouraged to ensure proficiency with your new firearm. To accomplish this goal, we offer the next class "Beyond The Permit Firearms Training". Consistent, quality firearms training will ensure you meet your individual firearms goals.

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