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Benefits of working with

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  • A confidential and professional review of your case

  • Professional investigative team with your best interest in mind

  • Frequent updates on the status of your case

  • Complete privacy and confidentiality guaranteed

  • A professional team who will do the job right

  • A final court-ready report detailing the results of your case

Top 10 Reasons To Hire Investigate NC

You Control The Investigation

When you hire Investigate NC, we work for YOU!  You can end, pause or change the direction of the investigation at any time. You have complete control over our efforts as the client.


We Collect Evidence Legally

Evidence collected illegally will not be admissible in court. Don't ruin your case by violating someone's rights by trying to perform your own investigation. Let Investigate NC handle your case legally and in accordance with North Carolina State law.


We Investigate Matters Police Won't

Police Departments will not gather evidence for most civil matters. For example, Police will not get involved with cheating spouses, divorce or child custody cases where a crime has not been committed. We investigate all of the above matters regularly.


Your Case Receives The Attention It Deserves

Police Departments nationwide are short staffed and Detective case loads do not allow each case to receive the time it needs. Our Private Investigators  work specifically on your case and have the time to find the little details that may get missed by law enforcement.


We Are Discreet

Police show up in a marked patrol car and uniform. Our Investigators are trained to be discreet and blend in with the environment. Our goal is to conduct our work without anyone knowing we were there. Our goal is to be invisible.


Private Means PRIVATE!

Most Police reports are public record to include 911 calls. When you hire Investigate NC, everything we do is confidential. We will not discuss your case with anyone and guarantee that in writing in our detailed Investigative Services Agreement Contract.


We Work Within Your Budget

During your FREE Consultation, we will discuss your budget and try to estimate the time needed to complete your case. If your budget is reached before completion of your case, we will discuss options with you and determine the best course of action.


We Empower Your Attorney

Attorneys represent you and present evidence of your case in court. Private Investigators specialize in finding & gathering evidence. PI's give attorneys the ammunitions they need to fight and win in court. Without evidence, attorneys are at a great disadvantage.


We Educate You On Real World Expectations

Television crime shows and movies have given the general public an unrealistic idea of what's legal & illegal when gathering evidence. Investigate NC is trained to provide service using legal techniques in compliance with North Carolina State law.


We Are Not Limited By Jurisdiction

Police departments must stay within the boundaries of the cities & counties where they have authority. As a Private Investigator licensed in North Carolina, we have the authority to work anywhere in the state as well as reciprocity in TN, VA, SC, GA, FL, LA and California.


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