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Child Custody Private Investigator Raleigh NC

Why Should I Hire A Private Investigator To Help With My Child Custody Issue?


When parents get divorced, child custody battles can be extremely intense. For obvious reasons there is a lot of emotion involved and in many cases, anger from the reasons of the divorce end up spilling over into who should best care for the child. There are often many arguments, claims and accusations regarding care of the children. As this heads towards court, a package must be put together from each parent showing reasons why they should get a certain level of custody and potential reasons why the other parent should not get the same thing.


For every accusation there must be proof and for every claim there must be proof. Hiring a Private Investigator to obtain court admissible evident is a key step in gaining this proof and a major advantage to the parent that takes this bold step.

Child Custody Issues

Before Hiring A Private Investigator It Is Important That You Understand The Different Types Of Child Custody And Which Type You Are Fighting For.

Legal custody gives you the right to make decisions regarding what's best for your child. Physical custody means that the child will live in your house. Sole custody means that the child lives with you, and that you also have the legal right to make decisions. If you have sole custody, the other parent can still get visitation rights but they won't be able to make decisions about the child or where they live. Joint legal custody means both parents have a say in decisions about the child's life. With joint physical custody, the child will live for part of the time at one parent's house and part of the time at the other's.

In North Carolina, The "Best Interest Of The Child Standard" Is Used To Determine Child Custody Arrangements. The Standard Takes Into Account A Variety Of Factors To Provide What Is Best For The Child's Overall Well-being. Some Of The Factors That Are Considered Include:


  • Each parent's relationship with the child

  • Each parent's physical and emotional health

  • Each parent's ability to provide the child with stability

  • Each parent's willingness to foster a relationship between the child and the other parent

  • The child's relationship with each parent and ties to siblings and extended family members

  • The child's wishes regarding custody (if sufficiently mature)

  • The child's ties to home, school, and community

  • The child's special needs (if any)

  • Either parent's history of domestic violence or abuse, and

  • Any other factor relevant to the child's best interests.


It is important that you know and understand the above standards because you will be hiring a Private Investigator to gather evidence to show you are meeting these standards and also to gather evidence to show that your ex is not meeting the standards!

A Parenting Plan: What Is It And Can You And The Child's Other Parent Agree To One?


A Parenting Plan (also called a custody and visitation agreement) is an agreement between you and the other parent regarding how to share parenting rights and divide the responsibility of raising your child. Some parents are able to agree on a plan themselves and present it to the court for approval. However, if you cannot agree, a judge will set the agreement based on what is in the best interest of the child. If you have tried to create a Parenting Plan with the other parent but have been unsuccessful, that is a clue that you will probably have issues in court and will need the help of a Private Investigator.


Techniques A Private Investigator May Use To Investigate Child Custody Cases:


1) Surveillance 

A Private Investigator will conduct surveillance to determine the quality of life your child is living while with the other parent. The surveillance will reveal if anything inappropriate or illegal is occurring. These observations will be looking for neglect, abuse, lack of affection, alcohol and drug use, if the parent is behaving in an acceptable way or if they have friends around that may have violent tendencies or be a bad influence.


2) Interview Witnesses

There’s something powerful about a good witness; someone that will testify about the character, suitability and conduct of the other parent. Gathering statements from independent witnesses can be the deciding factor when admitted in court.


3) Background Checks

Background checks are also a valuable tool at the Private Investigator's disposal. Information gained through these checks can determine hidden facts regarding the parent's means to take care of the child, their financial portfolio and their criminal history which might affect their credibility. Background checks can also be run on known associates of the other parent that may be involved in the child's life.


4) Asset Search

An asset search is an often overlooked resource for those involved in custody disputes. Hidden assets may reveal the other parents attempt at deflecting their full financial responsibility for their child.


Types Of Child Custody Cases:


1) Custody Dispute

In a custody dispute case, an investigator is on a fact-finding mission for court. Often the other parent is making accusations that need to be disproven or negative facts about the other parent are needed to help build a case for the client.


2) Custody Agreement Violations

Once the judge makes a ruling, all parties are supposed to comply with the judge's order. However, this does not always happen. When court orders are violated and agreements are broken, this must be proven in court. The Private Investigator uses his skill and training to gather this evidence. This can be evidence that the child is not being dropped off or picked up on time, having inappropriate people around the child or not taking the child to agreed-upon appointments.


3) Neglect and Abuse

These are emergency situations that must be addressed immediately. A Private Detective has the ability to start cases quickly and get the evidence needed to ensure the child’s safety is restored.  


4) Proof of Cohabitation 

When unauthorized persons are living in the same house as your child, that could be a violation of the court order. With the proper evidence you might be able to change your custody agreement, reduce child support payments or end alimony. A Private Investigator can help gather all the evidence needed so the judge can take a second look at your case.

A Private Investigator Can Be The Determining Factor In Winning Your Case


When it comes to child custody cases you cannot afford to make any mistakes or leave any stones unturned. The future of your child depends on your ability to prove that you are the best caregiver for your child. This can only be done by gathering evidence needed to make a strong presentation in court. Hire a Child Custody Private Investigator in Raleigh NC now to ensure your child's future is safe and includes YOU!

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