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Surveillance Private Investigator Raleigh NC

Have A Private Investigator Perform Surveillance For Your Case

Every client has different reasons and motivations for wanting surveillance by a Private Investigator. Maybe you want confirmation of a suspicion or you’re preparing for a legal trial and need court-admissible evidence. Whatever the reason that prompted your need for surveillance by a private investigator, all the information gathered by Investigate NC is done so legally, professionally and legitimately so it can be used in court. 

What is Surveillance?

Surveillance is the act of closely observing a person, place or thing with the intent of gathering information, delivering proof, evidence, or document an act without being detected.

Surveillance equipment

What Are The Different Types Of Surveillance?


  • Technical (Visual) Surveillance – This involves the gathering of photographic images and video to collect evidence. This includes surveillance cameras at commercial businesses, dash cameras in vehicles and body cameras worn by police officers.

  • Audio Surveillance - Self incrimination by the suspect is invaluable during an investigation. Concealed audio recording devices makes obtaining this evidence easy. However, there are many laws which make collecting audio illegal, so check with your states laws regarding the capture of audio recordings.

  • Electronic Surveillance – This involves wiretapping, GPS trackers and the use of electronic devices such as cameras, camcorders, radio, television, or phones in the observation of an individual or place

  • Interview Surveillance – This involves speaking with people to gather information, document stories and having discussions to determine what people know and witnessed. This can include neighbors, family members, friends or coworkers.

  • Automobile Surveillance – This specific type of surveillance involves following a subject in a vehicle. It is worth nothing that Private Investigators must follow all State and Department of Motor Vehicle laws while driving even if they are following a suspect.

  • Digital Surveillance – This involves reviewing a persons online presence and information on the internet. This includes social media accounts, email and asset searches.

What Are The Different Types Of Surveillance Methods:

  • Overt vs. Covert - An example of Overt Surveillance are the cameras you see in plain sight at the grocery store. Covert Surveillance involves the use of hidden cameras to catch a spouse cheating in their home as an example.

  • Mobile vs. Stationary - Mobile Surveillance involves moving activity such as using a car to follow the subject as they go from their job to a hotel to meet their infidelity partner. An example of Stationary Surveillance occurs when an investigator is motionless behind a tree to get a photographic shot of a couple entering a motel to conduct an adulterous act. 

  • Mechanical vs. Human - Mechanical Surveillance is the use of cameras, audio recorders and other electronic devices to gather evidence. Human Surveillance is when an actual person is the direct source of information regarding what happened at a particular place.

What Types Of Cases Normally Use Surveillance During The Investigation?

Surveillance is the number one most used technique by Private Investigators. The reason is that evidence gathering is what most PI’s are hired for and there is nothing that is more effective than Surveillance. Below are just a few of the situations where it can be used:


  • Cheating Spouses – Uncovering the where, when, what and who of infidelity can prove itself priceless in these cases.

  • Divorce – These cases can be messy and affect many years of your future. Go into court with the evidence you need to win your case. Surveillance can prove cheating, help with alimony claims, equitable distribution, compliance with court orders, alienation of affection/criminal communication lawsuits or helping your attorney with their legal goals.

  • Online Dating Scams – Putting a set of eyes on that person on the other side of the computer can calm fears and assure you that you are not being scammed due to a new love interest.

  • Child Custody – Evidence that your child is being mistreated while with the other parent can allow you higher custody levels and put your child in a safer environment.

  • Locate A Person / Skip Tracing – Surveillance can award you a return on loss of finances during a Skip Trace Investigation or help in finding a loved one.

  • Insurance Fraud – Video evidence to counter a false claim of workers compensation or accident insurance fraud can save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements.



Why Should I Hire A Private Investigator When I Could Just Do It Myself?


Everyone likes to save money and do things themselves. However, the matter of surveillance is best left to the professionals. In North Carolina, you can easily violate the law by following someone and make yourself eligible to be charged with stalking. For many reasons, a Private Investigators Surveillance greatly exceeds any efforts of a layman. Below are just a few factors which make this true:


  • Training – PI’s received many hours of professional training and are required to continually attend training to maintain their state license. This training gives them an edge over novice citizens who base their actions off of the latest detective show and action movie.

  • Experience – TV and movies make surveillance work look easy. Everything works out perfectly and the case is solved within 60 minutes. In the real world it’s not that easy. Following vehicles without breaking DMV laws, hiding without being seen and getting in position to get the perfect picture without trespassing is harder than you think. PI’s perform these tasks everyday which gives them the experience to successfully get the job done with minimal risk.

  • Use Of Specialized Equipment – PI’s spend thousands of dollars obtaining specialized cameras, GPS trackers and bug sweeping equipment in order to perform their job. Don’t think you will just use your cell phone camera to obtain the same results.

  • Licensing – In order to obtain a Private Investigators license you must be licensed by the North Carolina State Private Protective Services Board. This state agency vets all applicants ensuring all state requirements are met. Performing private investigative work in North Carolina without a license is illegal and can be punishable with time in jail and civil penalties.

  • Insurance – PI’s are required by state law to maintain insurance. This is required to cover the rare occasion when something goes wrong. If you don’t have insurance, we do not advise pursuing the gathering of evidence. If you make a mistake then you will be help liable in the pending lawsuit.

  • Court Admissible Evidence – If evidence is collect illegally, it will not be allowed in court cases. PIs receive training and legal updates to ensure the manner in which evidence is collected is legal and admissible in court. Don’t go through all the trouble of collecting evidence to find out in court that you can't use it.



I think Surveillance Would Help Me In My Current Situation. What Should I Do?


If you find yourself in a position where you need Surveillance by a Private Investigator, please do not hesitate to click the below "Contact Us Now" button. This will give you the opportunity to fill out a form so you can be contact by a Private Investigator at Investigate NC. We will develop a strategy to get you the information you need for court.

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