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Private Firearms Safety & Shooting Classes

Congratulation On Obtaining Your CCH Permit, But Wait, There's More...

You now have your NC Concealed Carry Handgun Permit. You can legally carry your firearm concealed in the State of North Carolina but does that mean you have the skills necessary to safely and effectively fire your weapon? Private Firearms Safety & Shooting Classes are a step-by-step training program designed to teach you the fundamentals of firearm safety and shooting skills.

Taught on the range with student to instructor ratios not exceeding 2 - 1, our Certified Firearm Instructors give you the personalized attention you need and deserve. We tailor each session based on the specific needs of each student because we realize that each student is different and may have varying levels of training, experience, skills or negative habits that need to be corrected. We assess each student to determine a starting point and begin the process of elevating each person to the next level. Some of the things we cover during a session include but are not limited to the following:

  • Pre-range consultation and questionnaire

  • Basic safety on the range

  • Gun, holster and ammunition selection

  • Proper stance, grip, draw, aiming, breath control and trigger pull

  • Mindset during gunfire

  • Basic firearms drills at various target ranges

  • Evaluation of targets and error correction

  • Identifying and clearing malfunctions

  • Cleaning and maintenance

As you look at the above list, please remember this is just a basic summary of some of the things we cover during our sessions with students. There are many skills, techniques, methods and additional items we cover during our sessions not specifically listed above. 

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest?

What sets us apart from many firearms training companies is that we offer a balanced, healthy, unbiased approach to firearms. We DO NOT force our students to purchase any particular brand or caliber of weapon and will not attempt to turn a soccer Mom into a Navy Seal. We do not believe there is one gun that's perfect for every situation and we realize that everyone is not going to carry a firearm every single second of the day (but if you choose to do that, its ok with us!)

We believe that a firearm is not something that takes over your life or changes you; it's something that's incorporated into your life because you enjoy it, believe in it and have a passion and respect for its capabilities. We believe in following the law, being safe, respecting others and protecting ourselves and our families. The right to carry is a precious right and because of that, we encourage our students to always present themselves in the best light because we represent something greater than ourselves.


Thank you for taking the time to view our offerings and please do not hesitate to contact Investigate NC if your looking for the best firearms training experience ever! 

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