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Need to solve the unknown?

Investigate NC
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Business Investigative Services Made for You

At Investigate NC, we understand that every case is different and, therefore, entails the use of various techniques to achieve successful results. Your personal needs are of paramount importance to our Private Investigators. We are confident that we will always have an expert available to help you with investigations relating to any of the following areas:

When you hire Investigate NC you are guaranteed complete confidentiality and a service that goes beyond that offered by similar agencies in North Carolina.

Our team of private investigators has worked with a wide range of clients on cases ranging from background checks, locate a person, surveillance, resume verification, asset search or insurance fraud investigations, so you can remain confident in the professional abilities that Investigate NC has to offer.

We have access to a wide range of protected databases to research everything you may need to know about an individual’s background; whether you’re looking for hidden information on prospective employees, need information on another company you are about to do business with, or want to verify the true identity of an individual for any number of business-related reasons.

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