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Background Checks Private Investigator Raleigh NC

Investigate NC Will Service All Your Background Reporting Needs 


At Investigate NC, we understand the importance of providing accurate, reliable information about an individual's background. We utilize a variety of cutting edge databases. Once this information is received, we verify each source for accuracy. We go out of our way to ensure that no stone is left unturned when we are hired to perform a task.

If you are considering allowing a person to enter your circle at work or in your personal life, depend on Investigate NC to give you the information you need.

Criminal Records Check

What Is An Employment Background Check?

An Employment Background Check a quick way to verify the integrity of a person applying for a job. This process obtains and collects data from public, proprietary and other sources to determine specific information about an individual. This information normally coincides with information provided on a resume and the employers job application. Once this information is obtained, it is passed on on to the employer who can use this as one factor in the employment decision making process. Employment decisions should not be based solely on the information returned from the Employment Background Check. Limited verification of the information is performed and are normally lower in cost and pulled from limited resources.

Background Checks For Employment Purposes


Before we dig too deep, it is worth noting that background checks performed for employment purposes must comply with the standards of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This Federal law dictates that you must get permission from the candidate being reviewed before obtaining records. Failure to obtain this permission can subject you to legal liability.

What is Resume Fraud?

Resume Fraud, also know as Resume Inflation, occurs when a job applicant intentionally includes false or misleading information on their resume presumably with the hopes it will make them more likely to be considered for a job. Most employers make the mistake of only performing a Background Check looking for criminal history but there is more to consider. Look below at the various things that can be listed fraudulently by a job applicant.

Top 15 Resume Fraud examples - 

  • Enhancing Job Titles

  • Exaggerating Education and Fabricating Degrees

  • Stretching Dates of Employment

  • Enhancing Job Responsibilities

  • Fake Past Supervisor Contact Information

  • Omitting Past Employment

  • Plagiarizing Cover Letters

  • Falsifying Reasons for Leaving Prior Employment

  • Providing Fraudulent References

  • Inflating Past Accomplishments and Skills

  • Misrepresenting Military Records

  • Unexplained Gaps & Periods of Self-Employment

  • Faking Credentials, Certifications, Awards & Hobbies

  • Increased Salary Amounts

  • False Internship & Volunteer Experience

To learn more about resume fraud and things employers need to look out for, look at our page for Resume Verification Services.

What Is A Background Investigation?


Completely different from an Employment Background Check as it is not restricted to the laws of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) or limitations of a submitted resume or an employers application; a Background Investigation covers a greater amount of history, information is pulled from a larger amount of sources and additional time is spent verifying all the information. The increased time and efforts are reflected in the greater price. When a Background Investigation is performed the below items are sought to be answered:


  • If The Person Is Who They Say They Are – One big problem facing our Nation is identity theft, so the first critical mission of any background investigation is to verify that the person is being truthful with their identity. So, verification of the persons name, date of birth, social security number and address history are critical.

  • If The Person Has Any Negative Or Adverse History – Secondary to the above is to discover any negative or adverse facts about their history. This includes but is not limited to being on a government watch list, terrorist list, sex offender registry, state and federal criminal histories, civil litigation history, judgments, liens and bankruptcy records.

  • The Authenticity Of The Person's Qualifications – Does the person really have a Master's Degree in Business Administration? Did they really serve in the military? Are they really certified & licensed in their trade? Confirming one's qualifications can be extremely important during background investigations. These checks include verification of employment history, education history, professional licenses and certifications, uncovering any employment disciplinary action, disputes or complaints.

  • A Review Of Any Facts That Attest To The Person's Character – This may include a review of the persons social media, derogatory news media articles, political affiliations, interviews with colleagues, business partners or adversaries to get personal testimonies regarding the person's character.


Below Is A Detailed Look At 25 Items That May Be Included In A Background Investigation:


  1. Personal Identification Confirmation

  2. Address History Review

  3. Professional History Review

  4. Criminal Record History

  5. Sex Offender Registry

  6. Professional Affiliations

  7. Department Of Motor Vehicle Records

  8. Asset Search

  9. Judgement Filings

  10. Lien Filings

  11. Professional Licensing Verification

  12. U.S. Tax Court Records

  13. Internet Searches

  14. Resume Verification

  15. Education Verification

  16. Campaign Contributions

  17. Corporate Affiliation

  18. Financial Regulatory Searches

  19. Bankruptcy Records

  20. Government Compliance Lists

  21. News Media Review

  22. State/Federal Civil Litigation

  23. UCC Filings

  24. Social Media Accounts

  25. Credit Reports


Factors That Determine Whether You Need An Employment Background Check Or Background Investigation:

  • Purpose Of The Report – What do you need the background report for? Is this report an employment check of an individual being hired to work in the mail room or a corporate Chief Financial Officer position? Is this check for an individual involved in a child custody case or for a babysitting position? Have you met someone on an online dating site and want to check their background before taking the relationship to the next level? Have you been dating someone for a while and considering marriage or introducing them to your children? The purpose of the investigation will often determine which type of report you need.

  • Access To Information – Do you want this service to be run using limited data source or a plethora of data sources? The type of information you are looking for will greatly dictate which databases will be used.

  • Your Budget – There will be a great difference in a $99 Employment Background Check or a $1500 Background Investigation. The latter will obviously include access to many more data sources which are verified. Many online background check services merely check the box and for a cheap price give people a false sense of security. Let's be honest, how can you check someones background properly for $7 ?

  • The Amount Of Time – The more sources used will require more time to confirm the results returned. This takes time to meticulously sift through the information to ensure accuracy before a final report is submitted to the client.



A Quick Note About Online Background Check Services


There are many services online that advertise background checks for as little as $7 and sometimes less. These services normally pop up first on Google and claim how accurate they are. However, when you read the fine print at the footer of the website, they admit the information may be inaccurate and/or incomplete. Some sites admit that an individual can have their information removed from the site. The truth is, if you want a quality report with accurate information you can trust, share and use for employment purposes, court proceedings or to decide if an individual can be trusted to babysit your child; then you need a Background Investigation performed by a licensed Private Investigator. This is information that has been pulled from up-to-date protected databases and verified. This verification process looks for errors, omissions, misrepresentations, inconsistencies and false statements. Anything less is a waste of time, money and can be dangerous for your family or work environment. This is a case where you truly get what you pay for!

I Need A Background Report Performed On An Individual. What Should I Do Now?

We are so glad you asked. Click the button below and fill out the online form. You will be contacted by one of our expert Background Check Private Investigators in Raleigh NC to begin the process of finding out the information you need. 

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