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Locate A Person Private Investigator Raleigh NC

Locate A Person With The Help Of Investigate NC


Losing touch with a loved one can be heartbreaking and having a person disappear when they own you money can be very frustrating. But don’t lose hope; Investigate NC has the Locate A Person Private Investigator in Raleigh NC that can help you with your situation. We have access to the most advanced information databases and using surveillance techniques, we can locate your person of interest.  Hire our Private Detective in Raleigh NC and get the missing information you need to restore a relationship with a family member or file court documents to resume delinquent child support payments.

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What Is Skip Tracing / Locate A Person Investigation?


These investigations can go by many names such as Skip Tracing, A Skip Trace, Locate A Person Investigation, People Locate Investigation or Location Investigations. You will find some sources that give varying definitions for the aforementioned terms but for the purposes of this page, we will refer to all of the above as “Skip Tracing”. A Skip Trace is an investigative technique that finds a person who has skipped out or relocated to avoid a legal or financial obligation. These investigation also cover most domestic searches for loved ones and friends. These investigations often find people who want to avoid being found or are difficult to find due to the following situation:


  • Owing an individual money

  • Avoiding court dates for child support, alimony or divorce

  • Those who have skipped bail

  • Those who are subject to service of legal documents such as a subpoena

  • Tracking down persons on behalf of a debtor due to payment default

  • Informing persons about an asset or inheritance.   

  • Reconnecting with an old friend such as a high school classmate

  • Connecting with a relative such as an estranged parent


The above services start with attempting to locate a person using electronic databases and information gained through online services. Once an initial location is gained electronically then we continue the investigation with on-location service. A Private Investigator is assigned and they arrive onsite to conduct surveillance gathering pictures and video, serve a subpoena, conduct an interview for court or perform a check-on/welfare visit. You never want to depend solely on information gathered through electronic means; on-location services are always advised to confirm the identity of a subject is correct.



A Word About Online People Locator Websites:


Since we are on the subject of electronic databases and information gained through online services. Let us be completely honest; there are many services online that advertise the ability to find anyone and the fee is extremely small. These services normally pop up first on Google and claim how great they are. However, when you read the fine print at the footer of the website, they admit the information may be inaccurate and/or incomplete. The truth is if you want accurate information you can trust, share and use for court proceedings then you need a Private Investigator. This is information that has been pulled from up-to-date databases and confirmed with on-location investigative services. Anything less is a waste of time and money. This is a case where you truly get what you pay for!



Please Take A Moment To Read Our Privacy Policy:


To have Skip Tracing / Location Investigations performed on a person, you must have a legitimate and legal reason. It is against the law to have someone investigated without proper cause or to assist in the commission of a crime such as stalking, robbery, kidnap, assault or contact in violation of a restraining order or Domestic Violence Protection Order (NC GS 50B). Sometimes people come to us claiming they have lost contact with a loved one or friend when in reality they are involved in a domestic violence situation or intend to commit a crime against the person who has left. Those occasions are rare and most of our clients have a genuine reason for their investigations but in the event that you cannot provide evidence of your cause, we may still accept your case. However, upon locating your person of interest we will ask them for their authorization to release their contact information to you. If the person does not authorize in writing the release of their contact information, then it will not be shared with you and no monies paid to us will be refunded or reimbursed. This policy prevents possible harm to the person we locate and protects their right to privacy. In some cases the person has a legitimate reason for not wanting to be found and reserves the right to relocate. 

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