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Benefits of working with

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  • A confidential and professional review of your case

  • Professional investigative team with your best interest in mind

  • Industry best practices and high level standards

  • Complete privacy and confidentiality guaranteed

  • A professional team who will do the job right

  • A final court-ready report detailing the results of your case

Meet Our Co-Founders

Co-Founder & Director of Field Investigations Unit (FIU)

Our Co-Founder has over 20 years of combined security, law enforcement and private investigative experience. He began his career at the age of 21 working for security companies in Manhattan, NY as a security officer and fire safety control technician at popular high rise buildings and corporate offices. The birth of his children prompted him to move to Raleigh, NC where he continued his career in security as an officer with a local security company.


As time progressed, he joined the North Carolina Department of Corrections and served as a Correctional Officer at the maximum security prison, North Carolina Correctional Institute for Women (NCCIW) and medium security prison, Johnston Correctional Institution (JCI).  


The Story Continues...

His passion for law enforcement led him to join the Raleigh Police Department where he served for 15 years. During this time he enjoyed a busy career spending 6 years in the Field Operations Division answering 911 calls, Field Training Officer, and Mobile Field Force (Emergency Riot Squad) member; 7 years as a Crime Prevention Officer performing Lockdown Drills at NCPSS facilities and conducting hundreds of home security assessments; and 2 years working in Public Affairs investigating media inquiries under the direct supervision of the Office of Chief of Police. During this time, our Founder was able to access top level training to implement in his various career roles. Below are just some of the training courses, awards, commendations and certifications he achieved:

  • Raleigh Police Department Academy Firearms Award

  • NCCPA Taser X26P Certification

  • Certified Security Assessment Specialist

  • Mobile Field Force Training (Emergency Riot Squad Response Team)

  • Organized Retail Crime - Looking Beyond the Shoplifter

  • Ethics & Diversity Training

  • Division of Criminal Information (DCI) Certification 

  • Vehicle Ambush Survival Tactics

  • Integrated Active Shooter (Active Shooter, Officer Safety - The First Five Minutes)

  • Force on Force Training - Simmunitions Training

  • Bloodborne Pathogens & Hazmat Training

  • INCIO Terrorism Awareness and Police K9 Encounters

  • Basic CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)

  • Advanced CPETED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)

  • Responding to Individuals of Mental Illness

  • Tactical Community Policing for Homeland Security

  • Leadership Skills for Community Officers

  • Advanced Law Enforcement Certification (ALEC)

  • Subject Control and Arrest Techniques (SCAT)

  • Tactical Communications Training

  • Gang Awareness, Domestic Violence Response Awareness Training

  • North Carolina State Highway Patrol Drivers Training

  • Juvenile Law & Drug Diversion for Patrol Officers

  • Juvenile Gang Awareness

  • Juvenile Minority Sensitivity Training, Effects of Juvenile Bullying

  • Emotional Survival Training with Dr. Gilmartin

  • Response to Critical Incidents, Problem Oriented Policing

  • Tactical Communications & Verbal Judo

  • Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training

  • Response to Possible Terrorist & Bombing Incidents

  • City County Bureau of Investigations (CCBI) Training Updates

  • City County Bureau of Investigations (CCBI) Training Updates

  • Firearms Simulator (FATS) & Driving Simulator

  • Special Populations & Chemical Familiarization Training

  • Low Light Firearms Training

  • Crash Reconstruction Unit Certification and Training

  • Accident Reconstruction at Traffic Signal Intersections – Advanced TSI

  • At-scene Traffic Crash Investigation - Traffic Homicide Investigation Certification

  • Police Training Officer Program (PTO) Certification

  • Robbery Suppression Training, Incident Command Protocols & Crime Scene Management

  • Problem Solving, Sexual Harassment, Workplace Violence & Diversity Training

  • Locating Concealed Compartment Course

  • Police Mountain Bike Course

  • Radar Certification Course

  • Private Investigator Surveillance Training, 5 days, Chicago IL, The Robison Group

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Training

  • Locating & Interviewing Witnesses, NC Association of Private Investigators, Conference 2022

  • Covert Video Surveillance Systems, NC Association of Private Investigators, Conference 2022

  • Background Investigations, NC Association of Private Investigators, Conference 2022

  • Cold Case Investigations, NC Association of Private Investigators, Conference 2022

  • Working With Attorneys On Murder Cases, NC Association of Private Investigators, Conference 2023

  • Creating Calm In The Chaos, NC Association of Private Investigators, Conference 2023

  • Detecting Deception, NC Association of Private Investigators, Conference 2023

  • Investigating Like A Journalist, NC Association of Private Investigators, Conference 2023

  • Background Checks and Investigations Training, Duo Training LLC

  • American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR, AED & First Aid Certification

His vast experience and training gleaned from his law enforcement career and surveillance cases qualifies him to lead Investigate NC's Field Investigations Unit (FIU). FIU is responsible for the day to day activities of the surveillance team tasked with collecting photographic and video evidence. His unique ability to “hide in plain sight” sets him apart from many in our industry.

In addition to the above, our Founder increased his knowledge by taking associate level courses in Criminal Justice at Wake Technical Community College. His desire to share his love of firearms training led him to become a National Rifle Association (NRA) Certified Firearms Instructor and North Carolina Criminal Justice Training and Standards Division Concealed Carry Handgun Training Course Instructor. As an added layer of safety for his firearms students, our Founder is Certified in Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR, AED & First Aid which is recognized by the American Heart Association (AHA). He spent time working as an Infidelity Investigator with a local North Carolina Investigative Firm and worked as a Workmans Compensation Fraud Investigator for a National Investigative Firm. He is fully licensed as a private investigator in the State of North Carolina, is a member of the North Carolina Concealed Carry Instructors Association (NCCCIA), and a member of the North Carolina Association of Private Investigators were he serves on the Legal and Legislative Committee.

Our Founder is a loving husband, proud father, devout Christian, friend to all that desire to do good and defender of those that cannot defend themselves.

Female Private Investigator

Co-Founder & Director of Special Investigations Unit (SIU)

Our second Co-Founding partner has over 20 years of combined IT security and private investigative experience. She is a graduate of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and has a long history in the private investigation world, first obtaining her license over 20 years ago while working with her father who owned a private investigations and security firm. Those initial years in the P.I. field involved many child-care and senior center investigations to help families identify the best placements for their loved ones, both young and old. After a few years, she had a desire to enter Corporate America and it didn’t take long for her to find a passion for IT Security. During a 15+ year career in governance, risk, and compliance, she initially worked for Fortune 500 companies and later at small startups and offered private consulting for startups. In 2013, our co-founder started her own private investigation firm, Savvy Investigations & Solutions, becoming one of only a handful of female owners of a PI firm in the State of North Carolina.

Yes, there's more...

In the IT Security space, she has over 15 years of analytical and regulatory compliance experience and a passion for research and investigations with strong attention to detail and a solid reputation for driving results. Her ability to organize, prioritize and work under extreme work pressure, heavy workload and deadlines has solidified her position in this space. Her focus was on governance, risk, and compliance, helping various IT organizations and software technology firms keep their business and customer data safe by building Information Security Management Systems compliant with SOC 2, ISO 27001 and FedRAMP. Earning her Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) designation in 2016 propelled her to Director status allowing her to manage teams of IT Security professionals with the same goals and dedication to security. Below is a sampling of the trainings completed to help solidify her place in the PI and IT Security space:

  • Introduction to Management Information Systems

  • Introduction to Networking

  • Management Information Systems

  • Legal Environment of Business

  • Computer Forensics

  • When Security Meets Privacy

  • Cybersecurity Through Cyber Maturity

  • Quantifying Cyber Risk

  • Transforming the CISO: Gaining Clarity and Control Over Your Enterprise Cybersecurity Program

  • How to Successfully Prepare for Security and Compliance Certifications

  • Security Secrets: Defining Success for Security Teams

  • Enabling Cybersecurity Accountability for the Enterprise

  • 4 Steps to Navigate Insider Risk

  • Microsharding: Defense in Depth for Data

  • Cyber Threats, Trends & Mitigation

  • Data Protection for Cloud-first Organizations

  • Get Ahead of Your Audits

  • Five Lean Principles of Collaboration for Enhanced Product Security

  • The 4 Pillars of Active Directory Security

  • Reporting Cybersecurity Risk to the Board of Directors

  • Risk Management in Action: 4 Key Pillars for Achievable Resilience

  • Exploring Privacy Trends, Challenges & Predictions

  • Beyond the Alerts: What to Focus on When You Detect Alerts

  • Best Practices for Securing E-Commerce Sites

  • Key Components of a World-Class Cybersecurity Management Program

  • Data Protection in the Cloud

  • Security & Privacy Compliance in Work from Home Situations

  • Mastering Cybersecurity Asset Management: Once and For All

  • All Roads Lead to Risk

  • Introduction to the Risk IT Framework

  • Insider Risk: Managing the Delicate Balance of Trust and Privacy

  • Using Security Automation to Better Adapt in Challenging Times

  • Fix a Critical Hole in Your Security Posture

  • The Human Factor: Malicious Insiders vs. Negligent End Users

  • Mitigating the Security Risks of a Remote Workforce During a Crisis

  • From Risk to Resiliency: Harnessing Foresight for Transformative Cybersecurity Programs

  • Supply Chain Risk: Reduce Your Exposure

  • Time matters: Proactively prepare for and respond faster to business disruptions

  • Data protection – it’s all about people!

  • The Future of Cloud Threat Detection, Investigation & Response

  • Unify Third-Party Risk and Cybersecurity for Sustainable Resiliency

  • Build Trust through Risk & Controls

  • Combatting Business Email Compromise

  • Bringing Privacy to the Security Table

  • Strategies to Mitigate IT Risk for Your Most Pressing Challenges

  • Compliance as a Catalyst for Reducing Risk

  • Third-Party Risk Deep Dive: Calculating Inherent Risk

  • How to Successfully Prepare for Security and Compliance

  • Enabling Cybersecurity Accountability for the Enterprise

  • Risk Management in Action

  • Exploring Privacy Trends, Challenges & Predictions

  • Expert Content + Third-Party Risk = Enhanced Vendor Due Diligence

  • Create a Vendor Risk Management Program

  • The Human Factor: Malicious Insiders vs. Negligent End Users

Her extensive training and experience in IT Governance, Risk & Compliance Management along with her many years in the Private Investigations industry made her an easy choice to lead Investigate NC's Special Investigations Unit (SIU). SIU provides comprehensive computer-based investigative support for background investigations, asset searches, skip tracing, online dating investigations, case intake preparation, hidden social media accounts, and strategies to mitigate fraudulent insurance claims. Her claim to fame is her ability to reclaim information often lost in the vast sea of digital information across the web. Basically, if the data is in cyberspace, she will find it! She is fully licensed as a private investigator in the State of North Carolina, and a member of the North Carolina Association of Private Investigators.


Our Co-Founder is a devoted wife, doting mother, avid reader, loves to travel and plan family gatherings.

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